Artmrk is an international furniture and art company with products and objects,
uniquely designed by internationally operating artists.
Artmrk’s mission is to translate the thoughts of artists into new products and
furniture for home and office use.
Artmrk and its products are limitless and create new ideas for home and office interiors.

We are always on the move for new designs. Our development team invites designers and selects new objects and furniture. Artmrk has invited well known international artists, like Borek Sipek, Klaas Gubbels, Jan Snoeck and Ossip to create these products and objects. Therefore the Artmrk collection consists of a collection of art-furniture and limited art-objects.

  Klaas Gubbels Klaas Gubbels   Borek Sipek Borek Sipek
  Jan Snoeck Jan Snoeck   Ossip Ossip
  Roderick Vos Roderick Vos      

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