Artmrk is an international furniture and art company with products and objects,
uniquely designed by internationally operating artists.
Artmrk’s mission is to translate the thoughts of artists into new products and
furniture for home and office use.
Artmrk and its products are limitless and create new ideas for home and office interiors.

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His works reflect his mood, every painting or object has its roots in the previous picture or sculpture. Not only does each new design differ from the previous, but it is also a part of it, in an ongoing development.
So every time you look at his coffeepot, table or combination of both objects, the latest one will differ from the one before.
Since the early fifties Gubbels has, with an admirable constancy, built up an impressive body of work, the base of which are coffeepots, tables, bottles and chessboards.
Especially today, when many artists are guided by the issues of the day, Gubbel’s artistic attitude is a relief.
In the quiet surroundings of his studio in Arnhem, he is continually and systematically searching for new expressions within his personal themes.

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