Artmrk is an international furniture and art company with products and objects,
uniquely designed by internationally operating artists.
Artmrk’s mission is to translate the thoughts of artists into new products and
furniture for home and office use.
Artmrk and its products are limitless and create new ideas for home and office interiors.

Ossip can’t explain why, from his extensive collection of photographs, he selects a particular one and not another and what draws his attention to it. It could be a detail or the composition which inspires him.

But once selected it will be enlarged, cut and sometimes coloured, some parts will be removed.

The remaining part of the picture will be transformed to a new composition, which sometimes seems to be on the move.


The two-dimensional form is transformed to a three- dimensional one. The newborn composition  seems to show us that the past situation is transformed in the presence.

Other artists and their objects:

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